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Our award-winning approach to global leadership has earned us the MPF Award for ‘Best Leadership of a Global Mould-Breaking Firm’. Our proven track record of business performance transformation and turnaround includes: The Co-Operative Group, John Lewis & Partners, easyJet, Croda International and Reckitt. 

“The value Xinfu/Beyond Unity provides is immense. When we have brought them in, the business simply transformed.  The results we had in China were truly exceptional.”

~ Reckitt

“In today's complex world, leading means being aware of so many matters. But this only works if you are aware of another complex matter: yourself. That's exactly what [Beyond Unity] is all about.”



We started working with Reckitt Benckiser (now Reckitt) in 2013 in China, initially being brought in to grow RB’s China business. Our intention was to make RB China 20% of the Group and to grow it even further.

We worked with the CEO and top team in China, blending the local and Western teams. We created a co-owned fellowship at the top and partnerships between Western and Chinese leaders through 1:1 confidant sessions and top team offsite experiences. We’ve since worked with various teams in the business in a similar vein across the UK, Silicon Valley and China.

We succeeded in making RB China 20% of the Group and through that created the Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare business. This has been so successful that we’re now developing the company’s eCommerce offering. We believe eCommerce is the key to RB’s global growth and our goal is to make eCommerce 70% of the company’s Group. This is an extraordinary aspiration, and we’re well on our way to achieving this.

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Croda went from being an unknown company to a FTSE 80 company in record time. When we met Croda’s CEO in 2016, the Group and the Personal Care division particularly were plateauing in growth.

We started off with CEO confidant sessions and working with the Executive team in offsite workshops. Together we created a new North Star with sustainability at the heart of the company. This consisted of developing a stretch plan on top of the base plan with ‘Entrepreneurial Cells’, introducing Digital, and growth mechanisms which exchanged incremental Research and Development moves into bigger and bolder ones to create the short- and long-term value. We introduced a new company name acronym to unite its people on shared goals and reinvigorated the founders’ DNA, the vehicles for setting out the future of the company.

We are now working globally across Croda’s business units with a view to making them grow. We identified that Personal Care was a key rising star growth engine in Croda and are working particularly closely with them. Personal Care has grown by 10% in the year we have been working with them, and the company has grown by 54% since we started working with them in 2016.

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We were employed by the Co-operative Group in 2014, after the company’s PR scandal and crisis in 2013. The chairman was named by the press the ‘Crystal Methodist’ and the Co-operative Group had ceased to be taken seriously as a successful company, by many people in the UK. Richard Pennycook, the then CEO, was appointed in 2014 and brought in Xinfu/Beyond Unity to create and deliver the change journey in partnership with the company.

Through many CEO confidant 1:1 sessions, Executive Committee workshops offsite and running a Top 60 event for the Enterprise Leaders in the company, our ambition was to get everybody in the organisation bought into the new vision, excited about this vision and willing to deliver it, to transform the company.

The offsite was hugely effective in taking what had been a vision of perhaps six people, and communicating it to and actively involving  75 people in the company. All of them now share the vision that we wanted to achieve.

“The offsite was hugely effective in taking what had been a vision of perhaps six people, and communicating it to and actively involving  75 people in the company. All of them now share the vision that we wanted to achieve”, said Richard Pennycook, former CEO, Co-operative Group. “The change journey was accelerated through the sessions we ran with the company and it was made much more achievable by the strategic moves that Xinfu/Beyond Unity put in place with the larger team”.

By May 2016, together we re-launched the entire company with a pioneering, community-based model. where memberships to the Group increased to a rate in which the business recovered and grow at an exponential rate. We found memberships increased by 525,048 (27%) since September 2006 to a total of 2,456,009.

By October 2016, the company won Best Retailer of the Year and an outstanding achievement award and the company was entirely galvanised.

“If we hadn’t done it, we wouldn’t be in the position where we delivered a successful change journey”. Richard Pennycook.

Image by Jimmy  Chang
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