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Personal Growth in the Workplace

Xinfu advocates personal growth in the workplace. For our company to be cutting edge, we believe that all employees must be on a conscious path of personal growth. For us, this is to become extraordinary. We do everything within our power to encourage, enhance and propel our employees along that path. This leads to a win/win situation for all employees and for the company.

At Xinfu, personal growth begins during the interview process where potential candidates are asked about their views on personal growth. If there is interest there, this is a big indicator that they will be self-motivated and open to working in unison with everyone on the team.

Once employed, we offer a number of unique and motivational activities to all of our employees which encourages, motivates and empowers our employees. A few examples of this are:

  • Our weekly ‘Personal Awareness’ meetings - These meetings involve all employees and practitioners and they offer something different each week. The meetings not only encourage personal growth, but also help to develop personal awareness and self-esteem. The meetings incorporate such things as:

  • monthly Meditation/Qi Gong training which is offered to assist employees to incorporate a daily practice to still the mind and bring an ongoing inner sense of peace

  • different exercises each week to encourage personal growth and to push employees outside their comfort zone. This can initially prove to be challenging for some but once the obstacle that was perceived to be in the way has been overcome, it can leave the employees feeling amazing and they realize they can achieve something far greater than they had imagined. The meetings are non-judgemental in nature and everyone understands that different activities challenge different people. Challenges have to be suitable to Zoom as we are a global company and are currently limited by COVID. A recent challenge was a team building exercise around singing. Groups of 3 were split up into break out rooms and had 10 minutes to think up words to a song around a particular subject. Then all groups came back and had to perform their song to the rest of the group. Feedback was then provided from those that were happy to share. Some were challenged and some were not; however all were happy to participate and have a go. The benefit for all was not only the growth but also the bonding that was achieved between the team as a whole.

  • Xinfu has set up a program for the ‘Young Guns’ as we call them. They are our recent graduates who have so much passion around the projects that they would personally like to undertake. We believe that it is important to support the Young Guns as much as we can to empower them to achieve their dreams by not only encouraging them but also by being involved and assisting to catapult them on their way and through their journey to achieving their dream. At Xinfu, we believe anything is possible!

  • Like most companies we also have a mentor program where all employees are assigned a mentor to not only assist them to grow and achieve their professional goals but also to assist and empower employees in their everyday life as well. We consider the team to be a family and with this in mind we aim to care for the whole team all of the time whether that’s inside or outside of work hours.

We encourage and are open to our employees offering as well as accepting regular feedback. This encourages, motivates and empowers our employees. Feedback is an important tool on the path of personal growth. It assists the employee to grow by hearing and taking on feedback and they are encouraged not to take it personally. There is no right or wrong. It is purely a discussion around where growth is required. Nothing more, nothing less. After providing feedback it is important that there is clarity and nothing sits between the two parties. If it doesn’t feel clear, another meeting may be required to follow up until each party is feeling clear. This is such an empowering process.

At Xinfu we work in fellowship and everyone is considered an equal. Wherever possible all team members are asked for input into our projects. By involving the team, it assists them to continuously improve their skills and abilities which leads to a mindset of willingness and ongoing motivation.

Xinfu’s culture is to deeply care for and develop our employees. This leads to a win/win situation. The employees stay motivated, engaged and empowered and the company retains its valued employees. We also understand that all individuals are unique and everyone develops at a different pace. Accordingly, we are willing to work together with each unique individual to develop them to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

It is also understood that getting frustrated with ‘problems’ is a mindset. By changing the word ‘problems’ to ‘challenges’ a whole new mindset is developed. The mindset becomes how can I take on this challenge and overcome it? How different does that feel? How different will that feel when the challenge has been overcome? Very different. There is also an understanding that without challenges there can be no growth.

Finally, how can you change your job from work to art? By bringing creativity into the workplace you free yourself up to get into the flow. Every employee matters and every employee has something unique to offer, you just need to access the key that will unlock this. What if it was every employers’ role to assist every employee to reach this space? What a different world we would live in. Bringing connection, care and empowerment into the workplace assists your employees to open their hearts to a place where they are so passionate about their work that a natural creativity begins to emerge. Their self-esteem will be high, they will feel valued and then they will fall into a natural flow where the work they produce will be outstanding in every way. This is taking personal growth to a whole new level.

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