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Steve Tappin

As co-founder and CEO of Beyond Unity (the world’s global leadership experts), Steve's main focus is acting as the personal confidant to the CEOs of some of the largest, fastest-growing, and most successful companies in the world. Steve is also working with the next generation of leaders to create more global and entrepreneurial future Fortune 500 businesses.

In his early years, Steve always wondered why some leaders and institutions weren’t better ran. His life work evolved to find new ways for leaders to pioneer business, develop fellowship, create unified leadership and improve human performance. Along this journey he has:

  • Created Beyond Unity, an award winning global CEO coaching and consulting firm

  • Coached, consulted or/and interviewed over global 500 CEOs with assets of £8 trillion

  • Hosted the BBC's CEO Guru series on BBC World which featured him interviewing many of the world’s top CEOs on CEO best practice

  • Co-authored The Secrets of CEOs - 150 leaders on business, life and leadership

  • Became an expert on China and trusted confidant to both Chinese leaders and western companies in China. He also co-authored Dream to Last - Secrets of Chinese CEOs


Steve likes to describe his leadership style this way: part Gandalf the White (with higher awareness), part Terminator, with deep Bushido Code / Last Samurai influence.  His favourite club:  Leeds United, Marching On Together.


Steve is one of LinkedIn’s global top 200 influencers alongside Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Arianna Huffington, and Barack Obama. He has written for Harvard Business Review, Fortune Magazine China, Time Magazine, and CNN. He has been featured in the Financial Times, the New York Times, China Daily, South China Morning Post, and the Economic Times (India). Media appearances include Bloomberg TV, CNBC, CCTV, Sky TV, China Phoenix TV, and China Radio International. 


Steve is keynote speaker and conference host at some of the most prestigious global forums including: World Retail Congress, SuperReturns, HRTech and Leaders in London and India. During presentations Steve brings to life the secrets of CEOs to audiences of thousands and hosts CEO panels with participants such as Sir Richard Branson.


Steve makes altruistic contributions toward Wellness Gateway Australia by supporting subsidised sessions in Soul-Focused psychotherapy and has donated 100% of the proceeds of The Secrets of CEOs towards cancer research.



Steve served as host of the BBC’s flagship business programme, BBC CEO Guru from 2013 - 2018. The show broadcasted internationally on BBC World News.

The format consisted of several short films, plus associated web articles for BBC World News TV, BBC.COM, BBC Capital and BBC News online. These networks reach an audience of hundreds of millions across the globe.

Previous interviewees include: Richard Branson, Jeff Immelt (GE), Liu Chuanzhi (Lenovo), Ryan Holmes (Hootsuite), Sir Martin Sorrell (WPP), Walter Robb and John Mackay (Whole Foods), Guo Guancgchang (Fosun), Wang Shi (Vanke), and Paul Walsh (Diageo). Several episodes have featured specific CEOs and their organisations including WholeFoods (from the USA) and FoSun (from China).

Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 4.23.01 PM.png


Steve's two books, "The Secret of CEOs" and "Secrets of Chinese CEOs" were very well received in business communities across the world.  Stemming from his personal experience of working with many of the top leaders of the world, Steve set out to impart his knowledge to leaders everywhere.

Steve wrote The Secrets of CEOs – 150 Global Chief Executives lift the lid on business, life and leadership  in 2008 to understand how the best global CEOs lead today: focusing mainly on Western businesses. Steve followed this book with Dream to Last  in December 2012, which explores how the top one hundred Chinese entrepreneurs lead today, including how to build and grow a successful business in China (published in Chinese by Beijing University Press and in partnership with the China Entrepreneur Club).

Steve's new book, in collaboration with Wayne Linton, The Awareness Code, is now available globally.

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