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Denise (Diddie) Cornish

Chief Awareness Officer and Special Projects

Diddie is Xinfu's Chief Awareness Officer who is a confidant to the CEO on awareness including mentoring, culture and team dynamics. She is a wonderful leader with an infectious laugh and very engaging personality. She has worked in corporate roles for many years which has given her a great deal of experience in management and leadership; including firms specialising in advisory services, legal, litigation support and insolvency. In her multifaceted roles, which have included serving as PA, EA, Project Manager and Office Manager, she has helped companies grow from startups to multinational affiliations. In the process she developed a wealth of experience across the spectrum of all things admin. Diddie is a behind the scenes player who loves assisting those she works with to achieve their ultimate purpose.
Diddie loves life and has been on a deep journey of elevating her consciousness for many years and for the past 15 years has been guided on the journey by Wayno Linton. You can find her painting mandalas and exercising her creativity when the opportunity presents. To maintain balance in her life she loves to meditate and qi gong on a daily basis. She loves music and is a rocker from way back with the electric guitar being a standout for her. Santana, Coldplay and U2 are her absolute favs. Santana knocked her socks off when she saw him for the first time as a 17 year-old. Her top live show was Coldplay and she has a deep appreciation for how master-musicians can touch the heart. One of her favorite movies is Into the Wild, which beautifully shows one man’s passion for following his dream. Diddie effortlessly connects with depth with the people in her world. At the end of the day Diddie is all about depth and connection and doing what she can to contribute to making the world a better place.

Denise (Diddie) Cornish
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