Gregorio Palmes Castellano

Video Producer

Gregorio has been working in advertising since 2016 as a freelancer and also for creative agencies. He developed himself as an all-terrain film producer, creating content for international sports competitions, festivals, institutional and commercial advertising campaigns and more.

After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in advertising in the University of Aconcagua, in Mendoza, Argentina, Gregorio’s curiosity and eagerness to explore the world brought him to Australia, where he began to investigate landscape photography. He aims to be able to create engaging and entertaining films in larger formats and create movies that explore human nature.

At Beyond Unity, Gregorio serves creating audiovisual and communication content. He uses his skills and knowledge to make an impact for BU's projects.

Outside of the BU fellowship, you can find Gregorio at the beach, chasing waves, taking pictures or even practising for a new role in the next play he is performing in.

Gregorio Palmes Castellano