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Luke Wierzbowski

Client and Media Lead

Luke is the Client and Media Lead, where he is responsible for client engagement, business development, as well planning and implementation of transformational events. Prior to Beyond Unity, Luke spent six years as a primary school teacher, developing extraordinary patience and empathy, which serves him well in how he approaches coaching and development.

His leadership style, informed by his teaching experience, focuses on deep, heartfelt fellowship, and adapting to the needs of all he comes into contact with. Luke finds unique ways to anchor growth and development for lifelong learning.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications from Deakin University, as well as a Diploma of Education from La Trobe University. He has worked on elevating his mindfulness and consciousness for more than a decade under the leadership of Wayne Linton.

Outside of BU, you can find Luke buried in a Tolkien book or trekking out “on the road,” as Bilbo describes it, forging a fellowship quest. He has a keen interest in meditation and yoga and frequently blogs about leadership and personal development.

Luke Wierzbowski
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