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Steve Tappin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Steve’s mission for several decades has been to be a CEO confidant, assisting them to transform their companies and now serving CEOs, future presidents, sporting and cultural icons to becoming extraordinary leaders.

Steve in his early years always wondered why some leaders and institutions weren’t better ran. His life work evolved to find new ways for leaders to pioneer business, develop fellowship, find unified leadership and improve human performance. Along this journey he has:

* created Xinfu, an award winning global CEO coaching and consulting firm

* coached, consulted or/and interviewed over global 500 CEOs with assets of £8 trillion

* hosted BBC CEO Guru series on BBC World which featured him with many of the world’s top CEOs on CEO best practice

* co-authored ‘The Secrets of CEOs’ - 150 leaders on business, life and leadership

* become an expert on China and trusted confidant to both Chinese leaders and western companies in China and co-authored Dreams to Last and Secrets of Chinese CEOs.

Leadership style: part Gandalf the White (with higher awareness), part Terminator, with deep Bushido Code / Last Samurai influence.

Favourite Club: Leeds United, Marching On Together

Following the release of his next book, he’s planning to go around the world in 80 days, preaching extraordinary leadership awareness.

Steve Tappin
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