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Wayno Linton

Global Psychotherapist and Master Practitioner

Wayno Linton has spent more than 20 years developing his personal awareness to its highest potential and now assists others to become the ‘best version of themselves’.

Wayno began asking the big questions before his teenage years, like, “What are we here for?” “What is the purpose of life?” At 13, he rode his pushbike to meet every priest he could find in his small Australian hometown, spending hours asking these types of questions. He travelled the globe seeking seers, sages, authors and wise men and women from all walks of life.

Wayno took each of his three children on six week self-discovery adventures when they turned 13, visiting temples, ashrams, sages, seers, hermits in caves, desert nomads and mystics. They interviewed a wide cast of characters including Tenzin Palm, an English Buddhist nun who lived in a cave for 12 years, sat with enlightened Indian author Ramesh Balsekar and spent a week with Edwin Agpaoa, a Filipino psychic surgeon.

His life has been a search for a deeper truth about human awareness encompassing healing, personal empowerment, growth and awakening. Along the journey he has:

• played at the highest level of Australian Rules Football League for 5 years (Fitzroy which later became Brisbane Lions)
• taught in the field of Psychology for 25 years
• became a shareholder and Master Practitioner at Beyond Unity
• assisted those seeking awakening/inner development/personal empowerment/physical-emotional-mental-spiritual wellbeing through one-on-one sessions and thousands of workshops/courses
• founded and is the Master Practitioner of a College for Training Psychotherapists. Founded and is the Master Practitioner of the Awareness Code Global Training Centre.

Wayno hopes to one day reach the deepest human experience available and share it with the world. He often gifts “Power Versus Force” by David Hawkins, has Ben Howard’s “Depth Over Distance” on his playlist and could be mistaken for the later-in-life version of Brad Pitt in “Seven Years in Tibet.”

Wayno Linton
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